Usability Testing on the Cheap

Taking the time to ensure your site is for your customers

By asking your potential users what they like you may be surprised.  Usability test all of the time and ask people what they are feeling while moving through the process.

“If you had one word to describe what you see what would that word be?”

Larry Dailey

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100% Secure Doesn’t Exist

Security starts with you

Dre Armeda discusses how to protect you computer and and the way that you pass information.  Security is always a big issues and taking the steps to keep your computer and information is important.  Once again this is a slide deck that you should get ahold of and review.  Some great points on how to keep safe.  That said Dre started by making sure that we know that 100% secure isn’t possible.  No matter how secure you think  you are it is always possible to have a security breach.

Update, Update, Update

Make sure that you update you WordPress website a secure as possible by updating as soon as new versions are available.

Slide deck presentation:

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Good content can be simple

Picking a niche can get you a great following quickly

Instead of looking at what can make my blog better, start looking at what can make my blog unique.

The you part of your blog.

What makes your blog unique is you.  By becoming more focused on who you are instead of worrying about trying to be all things to all people your uniqueness will come through.

Mike Pomranz


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Making WordPress and How You Can Help

Contributing to WordPress can make you a better coder

So looking at Andrew Nacin’s slide of some of the main contributors to WordPress. I am number one feeling very old, and number two didn’t realize that the average age of contributors was like 12. Really it is probably somewhere between 25 & 30 (pure guess).

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WordPress Development: Tracking your code with Version Control

Reno Local Sterling Hamilton on Version Control

Using version control can save you and your company thousands of dollars and save you hours of heartache.  Git and Subversion are completely different tools and you need to know why before determining what will work best for you.  Sterling Hamilton has been developing for over 15 year, lives in Reno, NV and works at DealerTrend.  At DealerTrend Sterling uses Github for version control on the CarDealerPress plugin.


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What’s Your Site’s Content Life Cycle?

The Power and Flexibility of WordPress

Michael “Mitcho” Erlewine

WordPress is a great content management system, but needs to be used and set up correctly for the end user. The ultimate user is used to doing things a certain way and by setting up WordPress to take advantage that process the content will flow better.  Take time when you set up your site to determine the what, when, who, and how of your website content.

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WordPress Network Effects

Luke Pilon shares the momentum that WordPress has experienced since the beginning.

Think about who you would like to meet at WordCamp, find them and reach out.  The community grows with that first step.



Slide deck presentation:

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Avoid the WordPress Black Holes

Ed Adkins Reno local shares his years of WordPress experience

If you have been using WordPress (or the Internet) for any length of time you have had an issue or two.  Ed Adkins has done a great job putting together a list of common issues and how to trouble shoot and fix them. Make sure to bookmark Ed’s slide deck as a reference because unless you walk between raindrops you will come across one of these black holes sooner or later.

Schedule for Black Holes

So far my favorite quote of the day.

Cant Login to my site “It’s a pucker moment”

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Child Themes as a Path to Awesome

From Start to Awesome in Under an Hour: An Intro to StudioPress Child Themes

John Hawkins on stageJohn Hawkins is a self proclaimed WordCamp junkie speaking at the Reno Tahoe WordCamp for the 3rd consecutive year.

Using Genesis

With all of the options available within the Genesis framework everyone can have a unique site.


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“Kick Ass” Keynote from Joshua Sally Strebel

Win Win Win = Success

The founders of take the stage to discuss how to join the community that is WordPress.

Do the right thing and treat your customers and partners the way you would like to be treated and success will be yours.



Less Talk Do More

Contribute back to the community. This picture is everyone at the keynote standing up and meeting one another… don’t hesitate to say hello and build relationships in the WordPress community.

Thank you Josh and Sally for a great keynote.  I have just paraphrased of course, but left the presentation feeling proud to have chosen a path with WordPress.

Slide deck from presentation:

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